Market Day raised almost $1000 last year just by parents ordering yummy, quality food from them!!!!  (Can you say, EASY MONEY?!?).  Please make checks made payable to Market Day, which can be written when you pick up the food.  If you’re able to help unload the truck at 2pm, it would be appreciated (and little ones are welcome as well).  If you would like to order, just go to their website and make sure you choose Cromie Elementary as your pickup site.  (It’s easy!)   OR you are always welcome to send in your order sheets and we’ll input the orders for you.  If you work late and need to arrange another way for your order to get to you, please just contact Wendy at and she’ll be happy to help you out!

Save for $$

  • Box Tops for Education  Make sure you send in your clipped boxtops!
  • Campbell’s Labels for Education  Send in your clipped UPC labels!!
  • Capri Sun – Be Green, Earn Green This program had been started, but we need a new chair for it.  The way it works is that every time your child has a Capri-Sun at the school, they will go into a special bin where they will be cleaned and sent off to a recycling program where we earn 2 cents for each one we send in.  If we don’t get someone to chair this, then the program can’t be done.

Ongoing Sales

Stores/Sodas that Give Back

It’s one of those stories where when you’re able to get more “free” money, that means there are less fundraisers and things you have to buy!  (We’re not knocking the stuff that the kids sell; we’re just saying that free money is never something to scoff at!).  Here are a few programs where you can earn “free” money just by doing your usual shopping!

Meijer Rewards Program
Sign up at (organization code: 268496)
Use your Meijer-linked credit card, a PIN-debit card, or cash, we get money in return.  Cromie PTC received approx. $300 from this program in 2008-2009.

Gordon Food Service (GFS) has been very good to us in the past and they offer rewards as well.  You can click on the link on the right to get more information.  Note: this store (on VanDyke) has been VERY supportive of our school; any support of this great store would be greatly appreciated!

Target: Again, please click on the link on the right and it will give you more information.

Kroger:  This store has great rewards and [not to sound trite] please click on the link to the right and you’ll get more information.  For this program, please be sure to use NPO # 83182, which will be sure to give us (Cromie) the money.

Coca-Cola: Who knew??  Click on the link at the right to go to the page where you can see how this works!!!


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  1. Rick Popeck says:

    Another opportunity to earn Box Tops for Education and enter a sweepstakes to win up to 200,000 Bonus Box Tops can be found at:

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