Our Books Need Your Help!


OK.  Maybe the books don’t need your help, but Mrs. Fletcher does!!!  Mrs. Fletcher is our super-cool Media Specialist and she is in desperate need of help!  It’s a GIANT job to keep up with the 600+ kids who stroll through her stacks every week, and it’s necessary to have a small army of parent helpers to come in to help keep things in order and help the kids find the books that they like!  Sadly, our small army has dwindled to just a few tired soldiers, and they just can’t keep up with the thousands of books that travel through the Media Center on a weekly basis.

Helping out is really easy and fun, and you can help out as little or as much as you want.  Parents who would need to bring their smaller children are also welcome!  This is a PERFECT opportunity for any parent who wants to come in and see their child in school!  You’ll be amazed at how excitedyour child/grandchild will be to see you helping at their school!  (It’s a bragging right for them!)..

If you want to visit Mrs. Fletcher’s Media Website, click here.  If you just want to email her directly to see how soon you can start, you can click here.  What better way is there to show your child how important reading is to their future than for them to see you working in the Library??

“Reading is known to be the single most important activity for building the knowledge and skills they will eventually require…”      — Marilyn Jager Adams


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