FUN RUN – Turn that money in to get prizes!!

This is our BIGGEST fundraiser for the year and funds almost everything we do and all of the great learning programs we are able to provide our teachers and staff with, so if you haven’t already, get that money turned in by October 15th to be eligible for all those prizes!!

The greatest thing about this is that 100% of the money turned in goes directly to your kids; and all 5th graders will get to have 50% of what they earn go directly into their individual account for 5th Grade Camp.

Every child who collects $20 or more earns a participation prize (we’re working on a cool one this year!), earns a ticket to a raffle (and we’re raffling off some really cool game and prize baskets!), and for each $20 they bring in, they get $1 (called a “Book Buck”) to spend at the Spring Book Fair.

We have it so that each class/child has the ability to win, as long as they participate.  They could win a prize in the raffles, or they could win a Popcorn/Movie assembly, or a cupcake party.  If they really go out and get a TON of pledges, they could win a $100, $75, or $50 cash prize!!!

This event is truly a WIN-WIN: the kids got to exercise while having fun, while raising money for the very programs that they use on a daily basis to learn and become lifelong learners.


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